EDLA 615 Summer, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Summer 2010, Fall 2010SPRING 2011 Summer 2011 Fall 2011 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Summer 2013This is a continuation of the Skill Building Digital Stories Project.

Skill Building Digital Stories
Skill Building Digital Stories

Danielle Miner
Showing We Are Friends
Grades PreK-1
Michael Schirtzer
Thoughts on American Culture
Grades 9-12
Lurlene Campbell
Cover Your Sneeze Please
Grades 3-5
Julie Mighdoll
To Dance
Grades 1-3
Gil Ferrer
Mark and Mary
Grades 9-12
Stephanie Serre
Mr. I Goes to Egypt
Grades 2-5
Dinah C Quiros
All About Perimeter in Language Arts
Grades 9-12
Ali Rosenblum
Mom, You Won't Believe It!
Grades 2-3
Franchetta Pepito
Hawa and Jalika's Trig Walk
Grades 6-12
Lauren Pasquariello
Wish Upon a Shooting Star
Grades 3-5
Katrina Tolentino
One Incredible Journey
Grades 6-8
Ronni Margolis
Speak Softly & Carry a Big Stick
Grades 6-12
Diane Smith
Grades Pre K-1
Amy Wolf
Ellie & Tech's Literary Adventure
Grades 6-12
Nancy Reynolds
I Can Do Everything All By Myself
Grades Pre K-2
Gwendalyn Corley
Anna's Trip to Rome
Grade 3
Patricia Owens Mayberger
The Tree Outside Our Window
Grades K-2
Tamara Isaac
Counting Critters
Grades Pre K-2
Brian Gellineau
Benjamin Perfect
Grades 4-5
Jennifer Hernandez & Ricky Sosa
Turkey, Turkey Now & Then!
Grades 1-3
Mayleen Dyer
Do Cell Organelles Really Have Jobs?
Grades 6-9
Stacey Blazejewski
Returning Home
Grades 1-5
Karen Calimano
Project Puffin
Grades 6-8
Tiffani Montelione
Grades K-5
Tammy Scandalis
If I Were an Astronaut
Grades 1-5
Andrew Hess
The History of the Ukulele
Grades 5-8
Lisa Sakol
A Trip to the Eye Doctor
Grade 2
Kim Batewell
My Best Friend Sam
Grades K-3
Melissa Zakalik
Who Is On Our Money?
Grades 3-5
Matthew Hegner
Isabel in Health Land
Grades 2-6
Avital Weissman
Theseus and the Minotaur
Grades 5-8
Jason Schrammel
Grades 2-5
Christine Rella
Betty Bunny's Garden
Grades 2-4
Danny Lennane
Spider-Man vs. Bullies
Grades 4-8
Stacie Tripp
The Princess Who Lost a Tooth
Grades K-2
Doug Nuccio
Learning Percents in Mathtropolis
Grades 6-8
Nicole Blumberg
From Egg to Butterfly
Grades 2-4
Kelly Waters
To the Moon
Grades 6-8
Hailey Silverstein
Andy's Science Study
Grades 6-8
Eileen Laffey
Where Are My Poodles?
Grades Pre K-2
Amanda Smith
The World Traveler's Scrapbook
Grades K-4
Christina Spathis
Super Sara Goes to School
Grades Pre K-2
Jessica Munich
Pinkmango's New School
Grades Pre K-2
Janet Lui
Multiplication Can Be Easy!
Grades 2-3
Marissa Cassese
Grades 2-5
Vanessa EngelThe Kooky KittensGrades Pre K-1
Nicole ConstantatosLily's Halloween PartyGrades Pre K-1
Tunde BektasWho Was Mona Lisa?Grades 9-12
Steven ReinhartDesigning a Dream House for DummiesGrades 8-12
Erin OshanThe Watering HoleGrades 2-5
Tara BiscardiA Day at the AquariumGrades 1-4
Nicole SorceHoly Guacamole Grades 3-6
Tara Biscardi
A Day at the Aquarium
Grades K-2
Danielle Choo
Can I Have a Slice of Pizza?
Grades 6-8

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