Spring 2011

Kristin Domnisch
Shapes, Shapes Everywhere
Grades Pre K-2
Joann Brady
Let's Pretend
Grades Pre K-2
Samantha Priore
The Tale of Tempos
Grades 1-5
Bonnie Frampton Faust
Grades 7-12
Maria Konstantopoulos
The Little Star
Grades 1-5
Mary Connolly
Let's Explore the Solar System
Grades 3-6
Dafna Garrahy
The Marketing Campaign
Grades 7-12
Ed Powers
The Singer and the Bully
Grades 2-6
Alicia Heer
Newton's Third Law of Motion
Grades 5-8
Carey Daniels
Helping Sue Solve Equations
Grades 7-9
Michelle LaCour
Shopping for my Brother's Birthday
Grades 1-4
Rebecca Stein
Best Buds, Becca & Bear
Grades K-2
Donna McCrory
My Favorite Place
Grades K-2
Christina Arvotti
The Adventures of Pascal
Grades 6-8
Maria Theresa S. Barberos
The Monkey and the Turtle
Grades 2-5
Keri Snook
Keep Your Smile Healthy
Grades K-4
Demsey Harriott
Can They Search My Bag
Grades 9-12
Karen O'Leary
Welcome to New York City
Grades 2-4

Summer 2011
John Blakley
Abraham Lincoln: Road to Success
Grades 2-5
Rochel Hess
Ann Goes to the Zoo
Grades PreK-K
Emily Kalwara
Getting Ready to Run
Grade 6-8
Sheri Dear
Our Visit to the Farm
Grade Pre K-1
Sanjana Valecha
When I Grow Up
Grades Pre K-1
Allison Friedman
The Day Bob Found His Song
Grades K-5
Craig Celeste
Simple Machines
Grades 4-6
Keisha Agard
Masters of Their Domain
Grades K-3
Delroy Grant
Slavery and Our Founding Fathers
Grades 5-8
Andrea Chaves
A Non-Magic Story
Grades 4-12
Allyson Moore
All About Elephants
Grades PreK-2
Christina Leahy
A Day at the Beach
Grades K-2
George Godinho
This Little Piggy
Grades K-3
Ilisa Guarneri
The Slave Story of Olaudah Equiano
Grades 4-6
Tom Storck
Basic Electricity
Grades 6-8
Lauren Pendola
The Three Little Butterfly Brothers
Grades K-2
Georgia Ioannou
Your Digestive System
Grades 3-5

Fall 2011
Kristen DeMayo
My Best Friend
Grades K-3
Krystina Lange
Using Your Senses
Grades K-4
Sara Huether
Lauren's Grocery Adventure
Grades 2-5
Laurie Verdeschi
Giant Pandas
Grades K-4
Erik Holtkamp
Healthy Habits
Grades 1-4
Evon Simpson
The World Is My Classroom
Grades 3-6
Sheetal Nair
Differently Abled Daphne
Grades 5-8
Halina Grechko
Instruments of the Orchestra
Grades 3-6
Gail-Ann Bishop
For the Love of the Game
Grades 9-12
Kristina Maricle
Alex and the Little Pumpkin
Pre K-2

Spring 2012

John Gienau
Reading Comprehension in Physics
Grades 10-12
Alicia Rescigno
Peace Builder
Grades 2-5
Marc Eckert
The Great Barrier Reef
Grades 3-8
Lance Charles Sun
Where Do Names Come From?
Grades 2-6
Dallas Thompson
Shaping History: The American Melting Pot
Grades 3-6
Alexis Sargent
Grades 4-6
Ernesto Tabajonda
Interpreting Distance-Time Graph!
Grade 9
Lisa Peacock
Count on It!
Grades 2-4