Summer 2012
Jessica Hoey
An Airy Cloud Story
Grades 3-6
Danielle Englehart
My Brand New Kitten
Grades K-2
Jessica Scarlata
What's the Fuss About Pythagoras?
Grades 8-9
A. J. Nappo
Martin Luther: Reformer
Grades 6-8
Michael Ferreira
Quincy Ford
Grades 3-5
Anne Khan
A Day at the MoMA
Grades 3-6
Rebekka Schaaff
How to Wash Your Hands
Grades Pre K-2
Jacklyn Boeshore
My Lemonade Stand
Grades 2-4
Shyann Comrie
My First Trip
Grades 2-3
JoAnn DellaBadia
Lilly's Day at the Beach
Grades K-2
Venue Britton
Teenage Poetry Slam
Grades 6-12
Bennut Nu
Life Is a Metaphor
Grades 3-8
Petra Schoen
The Black Death
Grades 5-12
Chris Seigneuray
To Win or Lose
Grades 2-4
DanaMarie LaRose
Where did the Earth Go?
Grades 3-6
Eric Holzapple
Jeff Goes to the Super Bowl
Grade 9
Kristine Cody
Fun With Fractions
Grades 2-4
Kerry O'Connor
Chester's Surprise
Grades K-2
Sean Michel
Restoring a Classic Car
Grades 5-12
Michael Steinberg
Respect and Kindness
Grades 2-4
Alex VinelliMy Dog BuddyGrades K-3
Brittany Martin
United States Government
Grades 5-9
Alison Lobdell
Types of Ecosystems
Grade 3
Richard Bent
The Please Touch Museum
Grades K-3
Elma Sister
My Fascination with Black Holes
Grade 6
Jillian Cafarchio
Standing Out
Grades 3-5

Fall 2012

Nicole Verteramo
Porter the Pig's Poor Decision
Grades 3-5
Chana Feldman
Here We Go!
Grades Pre K-2
Andrea Rogers
Susie Hates School
Grades 2-3
Mario Guirguis
Grades 3-5
Dave Wilcox
A Trip to the Zoo
Grades 2-4
Ayanna Brown
Unity at Mathematical Proportions
Grades 3-4
Vanessa Desiano
Tapping Tina's Terrible Turned Terrific Tuesday!
Grades 2-3
Candelaria Wright
Frogs Are Very
Important Members of Any Ecosystem
Grades 6-12
Rivka Brecher
Molly and Solly Learn a Lesson
Grades K-2
Rivki Ganzvi
You/re the Best, Molly!
Grades K-2