Summer 2013

Lindsey Murphy
The Day I Met Fractal
Grades 3-5
Joseph BocassiRobots
Grades 3-5

Supattraporn UpapongUncle Tree
Grades K-3
Josh HubbardThe Northeast Maritime IndustryGrade 5-8
Adrianna AndersonDetective Archimedes: The Case of a LifetimeGrades 5-9
Ashley WittHow I Celebrate the Day of the DeadGrades 3-5
Rachel OldenburgerGoodbye, HouseGrades K-2
Lindsay BrooksFinding StitchGrades K-4
Thomas AnderleThe Trojan HorseGrades 4-6
Amanda AndrovetteSeasons with MathGrades K-2
Angela CuellarHistory, Evolution and Impact of TechnologyGrades 6-8
Caitlyn CalabreseMary's Ski Boot AdventureGrades 6-8
Penelope Angelakos
The Story of American Sisterhood
Grades 5-8
Valerie Gruber
Don't Judge a Tiger By It's Stripes
Grades K-3
Adam Sontag
Old and New Friends
Grades K-2
Michelle Reale
Last Night I Dreamed I Was a...
Grades K-2
Laura Koch
After the Buffalo
Grades 4-6
Keith Baisley
Fish Can't Climb Trees, But that's Okay!
Grades K-2
Mark VanVoorhis
Spring is Coming!
Grades PreK-1
Kylee Golden
The Hungry Fish
Grades K-2
Kristen Zirkel
Who Needs Math?
Grades 2-3
Victoria McMurray
The Little Dutch Boy
Grades 4-6
Vincent Napolitano
A New Home
Grades 5-8
Jim Reagan
My First Train Ride
Grades K-2
Veronica Quinn
Reform Movements in the U.S.
Grades 8-12
Carly Cintron
Grades PreK-2
Ashley Sanchez
The Legend of the Poinsettia
Grades K-3
Donald Paulson
Differences Between Plants and Animal Cells
Grades 9-12
Keisha Brown
The Long Island Sound
Grades 4-8
Lauren Roxbury
Healthy Choices
Grades K-3
Rosalia Nolen
The Boy Who Never Stopped Wondering
Grades 6-8